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Encore Business


Tim Schaefer’s first job in grade school was selling sweet corn door-to-door, so it’s not too surprising that the world of agriculture and business is special to him. Raised on a farm that’s still going strong in its third generation, he has innovative and personal insight into the unique stresses, rewards, and concerns of you, today’s business owner. 

It can be challenging to balance the pressing tasks of today with the necessity of planning for the future. Tim can help you in many ways, from finding the best way to transition your business to the next generation while maintaining the principles you have always valued, to discovering new ways to utilize employee benefits to reward your employees. You can be sure that he will approach solutions for you with the same dedication that you have towards your own business. Whether you are a young entrepreneur or have years of business experience, Tim can craft a strategy for you. 


  • Wealth Management 
  • Family Business Transition Planning 
  • Buy/Sell Negotiations 
  • Key Employee Assessments & Profiling 
  • Family Business Governance 
  • Employee Benefits – Retirement and Insurance 
  • Pension Plans
       o Defined Benefit Plans
       o Cash Balance Hybrid Plans
       o Cross-Tested
  • Estate Planning 
  • Estate Plan Administration 
  • Intergeneration Transitions of Ownership and Management 
  • Fiduciary Plan Services to Plan Sponsors 
  • Funding Buy/Sell agreements 
  • 401k, SIMPLE IRA, SEP