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The CFP Difference

Your future depends on the choices you make. When choosing a financial planner you are choosing an individual who will assist you in all aspects of your financial planner. This business professional should be someone who cares about you as an individual as well as someone you can trust. It is important to choose wisely when selecting the financial planner who will be by your side when you are making financial decisions.

We currently live in financially unnerving times, and financial decisions can be confusing and frightening. It is important to have confidence in your financial planner. When trusting your financial security to an individual, you want to be sure that they fully understand your personal needs

So why should you choose a Certified Financial Planner to help you make important financial decisions? CFP are held to a higher standard of ethics, experience, and professionalism than financial planners who have not been certified. All CFPs have at least three years of experience in the financial planning process prior to becoming a CFP. Furthermore, they must all pass a comprehensive examination that tests their knowledge of all aspects of financial planning. CFPs must also continue their education in order to maintain approved standards of excellence.