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Family Business Transitions

Although you may have started your family business out of the spare bedroom with your spouse as your only employee, it may now have its own office and involve your children and possibly your grandchildren. While you can be proud of all you have accomplished, you may be struggling with issues of ownership or management succession. The process of transition should begin in the years before you plan to exit the company, and having an impartial professional involved in these decisions can make transitions go more smoothly. By combining the values of your family, the goals of your business, and the needs of you, the owner, Tim will help prepare you and your business for the future. 

Tim has a comprehensive process and will walk you through the four areas of a successful transition. 

  • Develop a well-integrated, comprehensive exit strategy for current leaders 
  • Determine the current and desired future value of your business to maximize your investment 
  • Develop succession plans that prepare future leaders for business success 
  • Develop a plan to move forward that acknowledges the issues of both the family and the business 

The process of discovering your business’ blueprint begins with an in depth look at what you want for yourself, your family, and your business. From this you will work together with Tim to craft a vision for the future of your company. We will create a game plan that will have your business ready to pass on to the future management at the time you appoint. Tim will also ensure your transition plan works smoothly from tax and estate planning perspectives by coordinating with your other trusted advisors. 

Too many companies fail when one generation hands the business over to the next. This is not your idea of a long- lasting legacy, nor does it have to be. By clearly defining your vision for the future of your company and implementing structures for transition before change is necessary, you can transition in a way that is best for you, your family, and your business. 

  • Establishing Vision and Values for your Business and Wealth 
  • Trust and Estate Administration 
  • Financial preparation of potential heirs 
  • Business Succession Planning 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Facilitate Family Meetings 
  • SWOT Analysis with Management Team 
  • Personal Development Assessments of Key Employees 
  • Peer Group Facilitation